Youth Forum

The Youth Forum is a group of young people from Grangetown who want to help the area grow and develop.  They are aged from 14 years old to 20 and support the numerous events and activities that take place within the community. The group mainly provides opportunities for young people to engage with multiple activities in Grangetown such as the business forum, football clubs and University visits, and they help inform individuals in their community about the work of Community Gateway, the Grange Pavilion Team, and Cardiff University.

The Grangetown News has praised the work of the Youth Forum in the past, stating that “at a time when there is so much negativity towards young people the Grange Pavilion Youth Forum members are a credit to the community of Grangetown and rise to the occasion to demonstrate that they are not representative of the stereotype of the small minority letting the community down and often get the attention.”

Key Accomplishments

In 2017, The Youth Forum attended the Street Games National Awards and won a National Doorstop Engagement Award for all the work they did to ensure that sports become a larger part of the community.

Recently, ITV news ran a news story about Grangetown’s girls only football club, featuring their coach Ayah Abduldaim, a member of the Youth Forum. (Embed video)

At the 2019 Grangetown Festival, the Youth Forum was also awarded the annual Joan Gallagher Award for Community Champions.

Member Profiles

Below, are the profiles of some of the key members of the Youth Forum. In one to one interview they revealed how and why they got involved with the group, and some fun facts about themselves!

Getting Involved

If you would like to join the Grange Pavilion Youth Forum, please contact Ali Abdi at

  • Ridwan

    Grange Pavilion Youth Forum member
  • Rafi

    Grange Pavilion Youth Forum member
  • Shoruk

    Grange Pavilion Youth Forum member
  • Zaid

    Grange Pavilion Youth Forum member
  • Anas

    Grange Pavilion Youth Forum member
  • Khalil

    Grange Pavilion Youth Forum member
  • Nirushan

    Grange Pavilion Youth Forum member
  • Ibrahim

    Grange Pavilion Youth Forum member