Meet the Board

  • Ali Abdi

    I became involved with Grange Pavilion and the Community Gateway project as a resident almost eight years ago to help make Grangetown an even better place for all our residents. Grangetown is so special and unique and what makes that is the people, the local residents and the community. It's a fascinating place with lots going on and we are here, at the centre of all that is happening.
  • Nirushan Sudarsan

    Co-Chair and leader of Grange Pavilion Youth Forum
    Grangetown is really diverse and multicultural and I guess what makes it so special is the people in it. It's a loving, caring, welcoming community and that's Grangetown's big strength: no matter where you're from you can always be welcome. Grange Pavilion means a lot to me; I've been involved with the Pavilion since i was 15 years old as part of the youth forum. It provided a space for me as part of the youth forum when I was younger and continues to do so. Grange Pavilion is that space where young people and others in the community can get together, get to know each other better and bring that togetherness feeling, so it's really special to me.
  • Emma Harris

    A community is a group of people sharing a space and environment. The Pavilion is the perfect example of such a place and the perfect space for a community to thrive.
  • John Fellows

    The task we gave ourselves in Communities First 10 years ago - to find a neutral community centre for all Grangetown - looks likely to be completed this way!
  • Deborah Jones

    I became involved with Grange Pavilion because Grangetown feels like an international village which deserves a village hall. As a bonus, I get to know people I might not otherwise have met, and collectively imagine the future building.
  • David Reeves

    I am proud and delighted to represent Cardiff Bay Rotary Club on the Pavilion Board. Involved from the very early days, the club is a committed supporting partner to this exciting community project. It is another clear demonstration of the Rotary claim - “We’re for Communities."
  • Ashley Lister

    Member of the Board
    I got involved with Grange Pavilion as I saw it as a great opportunity for residents to take ownership of a much-loved space and give it a new lease of life for the whole community to use!
  • Rod McMahon

    Member of the Board
    I believe the Grangetown Pavilion Project to be a really worthwhile asset to the area that will bring great benefits to the diverse Grangetown community. It has been fantastic to see the project grow from an idea to reality in the last three years and I feel proud to have been involved in it.
  • Lynne Williams

    Member of the Board
    I have worked for a Community Housing Association for 20 year’s. My ambition is about creating good quality homes and communities and building brighter futures for all. In my role as Head of Finance, Taff Housing Association, I am passionate about social change and enjoy working so services can be implemented or developed as to fit the needs of our community. I wanted to offer my financial skills and experience to this exciting project which is in the heart of the community I work for and the city I live in.
  • Greg Pycroft

    Member of the Board
    It's a fantastic, exciting project, a once in a generation kind of thing. It's really important that the new Pavilion reflects the people of Grangetown and benefits the whole community for many years to come.
  • Lizzie Swaffield

    Member of the Board
    I got involved with Grange Pavilion because it's an exciting opportunity to be part of developing a fantastic facility for everyone in the community. Grange Gardens is lovely but it will be even better when we have a great cafe, community centre and place to meet.
  • Moseem Suleman

    Member of the Board
    I've always been passionate about my community and wanted to help. I feel that the Pavilion gets people together and offers us the opportunity to improve together rather than just as individuals and I want to see us improve together.
  • Kevin Robinson

    Member of the Board
  • Mhairi McVicar

    Member of the Board
    I’m a big believer that Universities should be part of daily lives in their local communities. Through Cardiff University’s Community Gateway and the Welsh School of Architecture, I’ve been lucky to have been able to collaborate in the Grange Pavilion through teaching and research since 2012 and look forward to ongoing partnerships – getting the building up and running is just the start!
  • Lynne Thomas

    Member of the Board
    I was introduced to Grange Pavilion through my Community Gateway role and it has been a privilege to work alongside members of the community on a project that will deliver an outstanding facility in the heart of a thriving community.
  • Alice Randone

    Member of the Board
    I got involved with Grange Pavilion because, as a Grangetown resident, I am passionate about the future of this area and its community. I believe the Pavilion is the perfect place to bring different people together and thrive as a community.
  • Lisa Ah-Mun

    Member of the Board
    I joined as a board member earlier in 2021 as I wanted to get involved in Pavilion’s work in the community. It is a great facility to have in the heart of Grangetown, which I hope will bring people of all ages and cultures together, to participate, learn and enjoy. I am a local of 10 years, live a couple of streets away and originally from Butetown. I look forward to help make this a great success and a place for all.
  • Rhiannon White

    Member of the Board
    Grangetown is really special to me, it's a part of Cardiff that speaks up loud and proud. The Pavilion feels like the jewel in the crown of our community! I'm excited to share my passion and love for this place and all the possibilities which can happen when our community comes together and gets stuck in.
  • Steve Austin

    Associate Board Member
    It's across the road from where we live and right at the heart of the community. The vision for the new Grange Pavilion is really exciting and it will be a privilege to play a part in making it happen.
  • Richard Powell

    Associate Board Member
  • Jazz Austin

    Associate Board Member
    The Giving Nature a Home in Cardiff project has historically worked with Grange Pavilion to provide nature-based activities for children and families whilst improving the site for pollinators. We hope to continue this work in the new pavilion by helping to create a wildlife friendly space where children and families can connect with nature in their local area.
  • Shakilah Malik

    Associate Board Member
    Being a 'Grangetown Girl,' I felt it was my duty and honour to be part of this wonderful project. I want to ensure, together with other residents, we do something meaningful for Grangetown. Something that will become its future history.