Throughout the first half of December, the Grange Pavilion Team raised a total of £762 for the new pavilion with the help of local residents and their generous donations.

It was impossible to see Sophey, the new Grange Pavilion manager, or any other member of the Grange Pavilion team anywhere during December without them asking if you wanted to buy a raffle ticket or two. The Christmas raffle, which was aimed to raise more money for the pavilion, included three separate prizes to be won, all donated from various businesses. The first prize was a massive Christmas Hamper, the second prize was a box of lego, and the third was a gift set from Fudgepots. Thank you very much once again to all the business who donated something to our raffle.

Residents bought their tickets from the team at different points throughout the first two weeks of December, and the majority of the tickets were bought at the pub quiz which took place at the Grange Pub on the 11th of December. The quiz was led by Community Gateway’s student ambassador Andrea Drobna and the Youth Forum’s Nirushan Sudarsan, and it proved to be a smashing success.

On the 16th of December, Ashley Lister from the Grange Pavilion board and Mark Camilleri from the construction team then took the raffle bucket to the construction site and drew the winners of all the prizes. Congratulations to Frances for winning the Christmas hamper, to Edwan for winning the Legos, and to Sylvia for winning the delicious Fudgepots fudge!

Thank you once again to everyone who came to our pub quiz, and to everyone who bought a raffle ticket (or 20) to support our pavilion. We couldn’t be doing what we do without the support of our community, and we appreciate each one of you so much.

Happy New Year to everyone, and we look forward to what 2020 will have in store for us.

With love,

The Grange Pavilion Team