Mindful Morning Yoga Classes

Thursday 21st January 2021 09:30
Yoga class run by Oxana Weber:
Each class includes physical practice (asana) + yogic breathing practices (pranayama) + relaxation techniques (pratyahara), including yoga nidra + meditation (dharana). You will also be introduced to and encouraged to use yogic practices such as bandhas (energetic locks) and mudras (physical locks).
Each class is a unique experience in itself and you will leave feeling happier, physically taller, mentally lighter, relaxed, balanced and chilled!
Day: Thursdays
Time: 9:30 – 10:45AM
Level: Beginners to advanced
Location: Grange Pavilion, Grangetown, Cardiff, easy walking distance from the city centre
Investment: Single Class Pass £10; Five Week Class Pass £40 (valid for 2 months);
Monthly Membership: Access to 4 face to face classes per month plus all online materials – visit site for details.
What to bring: A yoga mat & a blanket for relaxation. Any other props you find helpful or yoga practice.
Booking: Book via www.oxanaweber.com*
*Pre-booking is necessary due to COVID regulations.
Strict COVID measures will be in place to keep you safe.
Any questions, please email hello@oxanaweber.com

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