Mindful Tuesday Night Yoga Class

This event finished on Tuesday 23rd February 2021 19:00

Delivered by Oxana Weber





We are navigating through challenging times. Now, more than ever, we need to connect to our core and develop mental and physical strength so that we can maintain equilibrium and prioritise what’s important in our lives.

Bringing mindfulness to any form of activity brings an alert focus to what is actually happening in the moment and how we respond to it. This mindfulness transforms movement and yoga into a form of meditation.

Each one of my classes includes physical practice (asana) + yogic breathing practices (pranayama) + relaxation techniques (pratyahara), including yoga nidra + meditation (dharana). You will also be introduced to and encouraged to use yogic practices such as bandhas (energetic locks) and mudras (physical locks).

Each class is a unique experience in itself and you will leave feeling happier, physically taller, mentally lighter, relaxed, balanced and chilled!


This class is suitable for beginners through to advanced yogis.


Please bring a yoga mat and a blanket for relaxation.


*Pre-booking is necessary as no drop-ins will not be accepted due to COVID regulations. Priority will be given to membership holders and those who book a block of classes. Strict COVID measures will be in place to keep you safe. These are given upon receipt of payment.

Website: https://www.oxanaweber.com/yoga-offerings