Summer of Smiles – Modrok Masks

Free Craft Hour as part of Summer of Smiles


Delivered in partnership with Grangetown Art Party, with funding from Cardiff Council as part of the Summer of Smiles programme, Grange Pavilion proudly presents a free one hour craft session for children age elven or above.

Using cotton bandage with plaster of Paris, we will create faces, hands and feet cast from life or constructed onto formers. Ears, chins and noses can be changed to create any character you can imagine or would like to be.  


These can be taken home (watch out, they’re fragile!) and painted when dry. Come in clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. 


Suitable for children age 11+


Spaces are limited to 12 children. Booking is essential.  Click here to access the booking page:


Launched in 2020, the Grangetown Art Party runs art activities which are accessible and fun, to share skills and make connections.

The Grangetown Art Party aims to provide opportunities for people in Grangetown to learn skills and have fun exploring art in a positive atmosphere of support and encouragement. We hope to create connections and promote economic activity for artists in the area.