In the months leading up to the launch of the Grange Pavilion, local artists have visited Grange Gardens to help decorate the barriers surrounding the construction site. Throughout the month of August, two art projects led by Grangetown resident Deborah Aguirre Jones took place to not only support local art, but also create a buzz around the pavilion’s launch. Both projects focused on highlighting the talent and the diversity of the Grangetown community, allowing residents to unleash their inner artist with the graffiti spray art project, and to showcase portraits of residents of varying age, ethnicity, and occupation with the sketch art project. To quote Deborah, “I was inspired to start this project so that I could keep conversations going about the future of the pavilion and celebrate the wealth of individuals and characters we have in our neighbourhood. The pictures are also a collective portrait of who the new pavilion is for and who is building it – it is a representation of the community coming together”. This blog post will highlight the entire process of both art projects, along with feedback received from participants.

Grangetown Spray Art Project-#GTownSprayArt19

From the 5th to the 8th of August 2019, Deborah Aguirre Jones ran a 4-day spray art workshop in collaboration with Kyle Legall (@KyleLegall) and Amelia Unity (@artbymilliemagic). Each day of the project had a different focus, allowing opportunities for residents to take part in both the drawing and design process of the art displayed on the two main sides of the pavilion hoarding. The aims of the project overall were to create a bond between the users of the park and the new building and grounds.

Day 1 and 4

The focus of the first and the last day of the project was to run open sessions where residents could color in the drawings and word art that the spray artists had painted. On the first day, Amelia and Kyle outlined the words ‘respect’ and ‘welcome’ in both English and Welsh and invited anyone passing by to put on a suit and mask, pick up a spray can, and create whichever designs they pleased within the letter frames. It was amazing to see so many people intrigued by what was going on while walking through the park and taking the time to contribute to the project. On the last day, the same type of event occurred, but this time residents were invited to colour in the designs that some of the residents of Grangetown had designed. These designs were created during the second and third days of the workshops.

Day 2 and 3

During the second and the third day of the project, Amelia and Kyle ran drawing and design sessions for those who were interested in not only colouring in the designs created on the first days, but also had an itch to design their own drawings. These workshops were held in the bandstand in Grange Gardens, and the focus of the first day of the design sessions was on lettering styles and techniques, while the second day focused on spray can technique. On the second day of the design workshop, the residents also finalized their sketches and prepared to sketch the designs on the wall. Both days were a great opportunity for residents to learn some new skills and challenge themselves to create creative designs that would represent Grangetown as a whole.

Overall, the feedback received from the Spray Art project was phenomenal. People showed their love and support on Community Gateway’s social media pages and stared in amazement while walking past the Grange Pavilion hoarding. The artwork has made the park an even livelier and more exciting place to visit and has created many positive conversations surrounding the launch.

The artwork will be up until the hoarding comes down in the springtime, so don’t forget to stop by Grange Gardens and see the walls before they come down!

With Love,

The Grange Pavilion Team