In the days following the spray art project, two more local artists, Jane Hubbard and Paul Edwards were invited to spend a few hours in Grangetown sketching portraits of residents. As each portrait took no more than 15 minutes to complete, it was a great time to have a short conversation about the new pavilion, and why the artists wanted to create the portraits. As Grangetown is one of the most ethically diverse areas in Cardiff, Deborah wanted to celebrate the variety of individuals that would be using the pavilion and help build connections between the people of Grangetown.

The artists themselves thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the project and mentioned that although most people being drawn took the process quite seriously, they had loads of fun at the same time. Once all the portraits have been pinned up on the wall, the residents will get their original portraits back.

In the future, Community Gateway and the Grange Pavilion team hope to run more art projects in and around the pavilion, and help residents decorate the interior and exterior of our pavilion.

Don’t forget to follow the website for regular updates on any projects taking place in Grangetown!

With Love,

The Grange Pavilion Team