Lane nominations

We received 27 nominations for 20 lanes throughout Grangetown.  Scroll down for a map of the nominations and nearby schools, play parks and green spaces.

We have establishing a resident-led oversight committee to establish the criteria for lane selection and will continue to post updates here.

Residents who have nominated a lane have been asked to answer six questions and send in a photograph of the lane in question. This will help the oversight committee get a clearer picture of the lanes and their possibilities for transformation:

  1. What is the name of your lane and which two streets does it intersect?
  2. Is your lane gated or open access?
  3. Does your lane require vehicle access?
  4. Are there any commercial properties on your lane?
  5. Do the houses on your street have back gardens?
  6. What is your nearest play area?

We are also asking Grangetown resident to send us photos of ‘concrete corners’ or disused spaces in Grangetown that may be ideal for small transformation projects.  If you see or know of such a space, please take a photograph and either email it to or pop it on Twitter, tagging @CommunityGtwy and using the hashtag #GtownPlayLanes

Here is the latest map of nominated lanes, kindly created by Welsh School of Architecture student, Alex Felton: