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Path to the Pavilion: Introducing the 2020 Vertical Studio

January 28, 2020

‘Make Yourself at Home’ is the theme of this year’s Grangetown vertical studio, a project that takes place every year for first- and second-year students from the Welsh School of Architecture. The project runs for a total of two weeks and is an ungraded project which embeds principles of live teaching and collaborating with local […]

Path to the Pavilion: First Site Visit for Residents

December 10, 2019

On Saturday the 7th of December, Grangetown residents had their first opportunity to visit the Grange Pavilion construction site. Our manager Sophey, along with student ambassador Andrea Drobna and construction worker Mark Camilleri, were on site from 10-12, showcasing the plans for the pavilion and serving hot leek and potato soup provided by Moseem Suleman. […]