30 free vegetarian cooking kits for Grangetown residents as part of a Grange Pavilion and The Hideout Earth Hour 2021 Project


Grange Pavilion and the Hideout Coffee Shop is incredibly excited to benefit from a WWF Cymru Earth Hour 2021 grant to provide free family-size ‘make your own’ kits for one of the coffee shop’s most popular vegetarian dishes; Smoked masala beans on toast.

30 kits, containing every single ingredient needed to make the dish for three-to-four people, will be given out for free to Grangetown residents through the takeaway hatch at Grange Pavilion and will include cards printed with the step-by-step recipe instructions in Welsh and English.


How to Take Part

Register to take part via Eventbrite and collect your kit between 11am and 3pm on Earth Hour day, 27th March 2021.

All we ask in return is that you make the dish that day, take a photo of your magnificent efforts and post them on social media, using the relevant project tags and hashtags.

Be part of the conversation using the hashtags #EarthHourWales #AwrDdear and the handle @wwf_cymru.  Don’t forget to tag @Grange_Pavilion and @hideoutcardiff too!

We have an extra 20 recipe cards available to people who are financially fine to buy their own ingredients and would prefer that lower-income families benefit from the kit.  These can be collected from the Hideout on Friday or Saturday.

The bilingual information card is also available here:

Masala beans on toast 3


About us

Grange Pavilion and The Hideout Community-focussed Café has previously delivered a free breakfast club to residents on Universal Credit, low-income, or are financially struggling and provides a ‘coffee with a conscience scheme’ where drinks can be donated by customers to be claimed by others.

The Hideout is a vegetarian coffee shop and celebrates meat-free eating with a delicious menu including Bombay Toastie, Mombassa Kachri and, of course, smoked masala beans on toast.

The aim of this project is to introduce meat-free cooking to a brand-new audience, raise awareness of Earth Hour and the environmental benefits of eating no meat or less meat, inspire people to do more to protect the planet, encourage community-wide participation in an ethical project and support families who may be struggling right now to engage in anything other than getting through each day by providing them with the means, support and encouragement to take part.

We very much hope that Grangetown residents will engage with this exciting project.


About a meat-free diet

According to the Vegetarian Society, eating a veggie diet means 2.5 x less carbon emissions than a meat diet and that by eating vegetarian food for a year you could save the same amount of emissions as taking a small family car off the road for 6 months.

According to their website, more agricultural land is used to raise cattle than all other domesticated animals and crops combined. A vegetarian diet requires two-and-a-half times less the amount of land needed to grow food, compared to a meat-based diet.


About Earth Hour

Earth Hour is an annual campaign run by WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) and is one of the world’s largest movements for our planet. Millions of people around the world switch off their lights for one hour to show they care about the future of our planet – our shared home.

At 8.30pm on 27 March, take an hour to switch off your lights in solidarity with people around the world.

Earth Hour is a global event inspiring millions across the world to take action and make a pledge to protect our brilliant planet, our home. Right now, we’re facing some of the biggest environmental threats ever seen. We’re the first generation to experience the effects of climate change – and we’re the last to be able to change it. We’re seeing our oceans suffocated by plastic and over-consumption decimate our forests, the lungs of the earth. Earth Hour shows what we can achieve when we all come together. In previous years, an estimated half a million people across Wales took part and iconic landmarks across the world - including the Wales Millennium Centre, the Eiffel Tower, and Sydney Opera House - switched off their lights for an hour to stand in solidarity with the planet.    From Samoa to Tahiti, a record 188 countries and territories took part last year in the world’s biggest Earth Hour yet. The support for Earth Hour and WWF’s work more broadly has influenced climate policy, facilitated climate-friendly laws, such as a ban on plastic in the Galapagos Islands and supported the world’s first Earth Hour forest in Uganda.

WWF says:

“Joining Earth Hour’s switch off reminds us that even small actions can make a big difference.

When we make changes in our own lives, and when we share that with others, we also inspire the people around us to change – and we help grow a movement that businesses and governments can’t ignore.”

For more information about Earth Hour, scroll down.


EARTH HOUR 2021: Millions join annual switch-off from home to help nature 

SATURDAY 27TH MARCH – 20:30-21:30 GMT


Earth Hour is the moment every year when millions unite around the world to show they care about the future of our planet.


WWF-Cymru is inviting people to join this year’s symbolic ‘switch off’ at home on Saturday 27th March, as an opportunity to connect with our planet. This year we’re asking you to take part individually, with households, or as communities.  Due to the current situation, the focus has shifted to participation at home.


Nine out of ten people who take part in Earth Hour feel inspired to act for our planet. The impact of individual actions might seem small but collectively they can inspire change. Joining the big switch off reminds us that even small actions can make a significant difference. Because we’re not alone.


We need to work together to protect Welsh nature and tackle this crisis. The State of Nature 2019 report revealed that of the 3,902 species assessed in Wales, 73 have gone extinct already, with birds like turtle doves and corn buntings now gone from our skies. We’ve witnessed extreme flooding events across Welsh communities as a result of climate change.


Decline in nature can be reversed through action and the Senedd Election in a few months is a key moment for securing commitment to action. The next Welsh Government must deliver a Wales fit for future generations.


Jess McQuade, WWF Cymru Head of Policy and Advocacy explains:

“This year, world leaders will be making decisions on climate change and nature targets which will shape our future and the future of our planet. Earth Hour is a chance for people at home, business and environmental organisations to unite and call for urgent action from our politicians to reverse nature loss and tackle climate change. This includes restoring precious habitats which store carbon and give nature a home both here in Wales and overseas. 

With the Senedd elections just round the corner and the UK hosting the vital COP26 climate summit, Wales  must show true global leadership by setting ambitious commitments to action – and you can help by showing your leaders that you care.”


WWF-Cymru is encouraging people to share their manifesto with friends, family and Senedd election candidates. By 2030, nature and wildlife could be recovering all around us and we could have significantly reduced our emissions in Wales. This would also bring benefits of having  green jobs, access to nature rich green space helping our mental health and cleaner air. It won’t happen overnight, but everyone has a part to play in making that happen – Earth Hour is a good place to start.


How to get involved with Earth Hour: 


  1. Switch your lights off on Saturday 27th March at 20:30
  2. Download the My Footprint app (on IOS and Android) and set a challenge for you or your family
  3. Share the WWF Cymru Manifesto with your family, friends and Senedd election candidates. We must leave Members of the Senedd in no doubt that tackling the climate and nature crisis is the most urgent issue of our time.


For more information about Earth Hour 2021, please visit the WWF Cymru website.