In 2012, the idea to re-purpose a vacant and deteriorating bowl’s pavilion was introduced to the wider Cardiff community by Grangetown residents who had formed their own group, called Grange Pavilion Project.

Within a few years, they had forged a partnership with Cardiff University and Grangetown Community Action, and the idea of the bowls pavilion as a space for residents was brought to life through a temporary license, granted by Cardiff Council in 2016.  This allowed the partnership to raise the shutters and let people in, resulting in the space being used and loved by over 3000 residents.

Within two years, 150 community-led initiatives were launched including a Youth Forum, a Tech café, a Friends and Neighbors group, with many more activities available to residents of all ages. In November 2018, the building was shut down for redevelopment, with a new pavilion set to open in late March 2020.

Although Grangetown residents have been without a common space for over a year now, the area retained a strong sense of community. Residents attended community events such as the Grangetown Night Market and Community Iftar, Careers and Role Models week and the Grangetown festival, despite the events taking place in various locations (and some in atrocious weather!).  Some of the initiatives started at the pavilion, such as the Youth Forum, have continued to run, and have carried on supporting young people to learn and grow.

The new pavilion will provide a modern, accessible, faith and politics neutral space where community events and projects can take place, supporting both new and old initiatives and providing the park with public amenities.

In this blog, we plan to document all the amazing work that is being done in the run-up to the launch of the pavilion, along with events and projects that will be taking place in the center. This will include local art projects and collaborations with schools and business in the area to plan for the launch of the new space, along with information about the launch event and any classes or events that are scheduled to take place. We would also love to use this platform to give you a behind the scenes look at the building process of the pavilion and show you how big of a team it takes to create a community space. So, when walking inside the pavilion for the first time, you’ll know how and why the center was built, who it was built by, and how the community has supported the space.

After over a year of waiting for the new pavilion to open, we are more than ready to start sharing this space with you. We would really appreciate if you would leave some of your thoughts, questions and suggestions in the comments section below, and help us grow this platform. If you would like to get involved in writing content for the page, please get in contact with your ideas, we would love to hear them.

Stay tuned to this page for more behind the scenes content about the Grange Pavilion, and we look forward to updating you in our next blog post!

With love,

The Grange Pavilion Team