Meet the Board and Trustees

“Meet our chair and co-chair, and other Trustees and members of our Board. Hear why they love Grangetown and the difference the Pavilion makes here…and we hope to meet and tell you more very soon.” Ali Abdi, Chair

Ali Abdi

“As a resident of Grangetown, I became involved with Grange Pavilion and the Community Gateway project to help make Grangetown an even better place for all our residents. It’s a unique and very special area because of the people who live and work here.”

Nirushan Sudarsan
Co-Chair of the Board and leader of Grange Pavilion Youth Forum

“I’ve been involved with the Pavilion since I was 15. This is a loving, caring, welcoming community. The Pavilion provided a space for me as part of the youth forum, and it continues to do so. It’s really special to me.”

Lisa Ah-Mun

“I’ve lived in Grangetown for over ten years and have great hopes for how the Pavilion can continue to bring people of all ages and cultures together, to participate, learn and enjoy.”

Deborah Aguirre-Jones
Member of the Board

“Grangetown feels like an international village which deserves a village hall. The Pavilion delivers that, and we all get to know people we might not otherwise have met!”

Rebecca Falvey
Member of the Board

“I work at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, jumped at the chance to represent them at the Pavilion. I’m passionate about ensuring communities have access to green spaces.”

John Fellows
Member of the Board

“We set out to create a community centre for all of Grangetown, and the Pavilion has delivered that…”

Beth Gaffey
Member of the Board

“I’m proud to call Grangetown my home and to play a small part in the success of the Pavilion. The building is just the start of what we could do and the impact the Pavilion could have…”

Emma Harris
Member of the Board

“The Pavilion is the perfect example of community – where people share space and environment. It’s a space to thrive.”

Ashley Lister
Member of the Board

“I love the opportunity the Pavilion provided for residents to take ownership of a much-loved space and to give it a new lease of life! And I love what’s happened since…”

Mhairi McVicar
Member of the Board

“I believe Universities should be part of daily lives in their local communities, and through Cardiff University’s Community Gateway and the Welsh School of Architecture, I’ve been lucky to have been able to collaborate with others here for over 10 years…”

Alice Randone
Member of the Board

As a Grangetown resident, I’m passionate about the future of this area. The Pavilion is the perfect place to bring people together in a way that will help the community thrive…”

Kevin Robinson
Member of the Board

“My grandparents lived here and I used to play in Grange Gardens as a child, and I now work in the area. I want to give a little back to this community and see the Pavilion flourish.”

Corey Smith
Member of the Board

“I am really enjoying working with members of this community. As part of the university team, I’m looking forward to helping develop more partnership events and activities…”

Moseem Suleman
Member of the Board

“I am passionate about community and feel the Pavilion brings people together and offers opportunities for us to improve things together….”

Lynne Thomas
Member of the Board

“I feel privileged to work alongside members of the community on a project that will deliver an outstanding facility in the heart of a thriving community.”

Rhiannon White

“The Pavilion feels like the jewel in the crown of our community. I'm excited to share my passion and love for this place, and to see what happens when our community comes together and gets stuck in.”

Lynne Williams
Trustee (Treasurer)

“I’ve worked for a Community Housing Association for 20 years and am passionate about social change. It has been great to bring my skills and experience to this project in the heart of the community I work for and the city I live in.”

Abdi Yusef
Member of the Board

“It’s great to be able to bring my experience in business management to the Pavilion. I believe in the power of sharing ideas to make positive change, and I am passionate about developing the next generation of community leaders…”