Our partners at the university

“This partnership is year-round and long term. It seems the university and our community working together towards shared goals in an incredibly exciting way…” Ali Abdi, partnership manager

This team of four lead on the fabulous links we have with the university and its student ambassadors, bringing events like Love Grangetown and Career and Role Model Week alive every year (along with lots of other events and initiatives).

Professor Mhairi McVicar

Professor Mhairi McVicar has been working in partnership with the Grangetown community since the start of the project and a key player in the Pavilion’s redesign and redevelopment. She is part of the Welsh School of Architecture, and with this team is the driving force for so many of the successful events and initiatives that are at the heart of what we do here.

Ali Abdi

Ali Abdi is the partnership manager, working with our university partners since 2015. He has a passion for youth work, business development and community and sport events which he’s brings to the Pavilion across the year. He’s around a lot so do stop to say hi if you see him at the Pavilion when you visit.

Dr Corey Smith

Corey Smith joined our team in 2021 and has done amazing work building connections across the University and the community, embedding the partnership working that makes such a difference to us and all those who are part of our community. You’ll meet her at events and activities across the year.

Sophey Mills

Sophey Mills is, of course, our centre manager and with her own Pavilion team the force behind all the good things that happen in our day to day. She works closely with our university team and can fill you in on the latest plans for this exciting partnership. She’s here every day!