Our Team

Led by our manage Sophey Mills, our team (most Grangetown residents) ensures the Pavilion delivers everything the community needs, and we couldn’t do without them.

These acknowledged community champions are a group of local 14 – 25-year-olds who lead on and support a fantastic mix of community events and activities. And same with ‘our team’.

Sophey Mills
Grange Pavilion Manager

Sophey Mills joined the team in September 2019 as Grange Pavilion Manager to manage the day-to-day running of the building, connect with the community, ensure that the building is welcoming and easy to use, manage room bookings, organise events and work towards making Grange Pavilion a thriving building and grounds for all of Grangetown to use and enjoy. Sophey managed Maes-Y-Coed Community Centre for over three years, building it from the ground up into a financially sustainable community-led asset and looks forward to doing the same at Grange Pavilion. "I am thrilled to be managing Grange Pavilion and look forward to welcoming everyone into the building. I strongly believe in the benefits of the community running a building together and will be offering a broad range of volunteering opportunities at Grange Pavilion."

Liana Harding
Grange Pavilion Assistant

I have a picture of my mum with me in a high pram 72 yrs ago in Grange Gardens. I used to walk through there to go to Grange Council school every day. I have fond memories of and it’s great to seeing it being used inside and out, long may it reign. The Pavilion has a presence, great colleagues and projects. The youngest volunteer is Seb age 3, who helps in the garden.

Aliyah Jama
Grange Pavilion Assistant

Seeing the Pavilion built from the ground up, living close by and regularly using Grange Gardens, it fills me with great pleasure that we have such a facility for our community and the surrounding areas. I am passionate about the future of the Pavilion, and how it brings different people together.

Ibrahim Abdi
Grange Pavilion Assistant

I became involved by volunteering at Grangetown when I was 18 while I was completing my Welsh Baccalaureate, and then went on to running my own football sessions at the old Grange Pavilion. Grangetown is so special and unique and what makes that is the people, the local residents and the community. Grange Pavilion has a special place in my heart because from a young age I watched it grow and now being a part of the growth is amazing. I am so happy to be able to help and be involved.